Artist Fabrication Services


3D printed and cast sterling silver


Interactive kinetic work

Robelle Domain Light + Sound Towers

Energy efficient LED lighting

art+design operates a full service public art production studio that provides design, construction, project management and installation services to government and commercial clients.

By engaging art+design you benefit from 17 years full time experience on over 50 commission pieces across Australia.

As a hands-on artist manufacturer our body of experience and attention to detail ensures a high quality finish. Clients also benefit from our long term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers across a range of industries including laser and waterjet cutting, metal spinning, casting, machining, polishing and high definition rapid prototyping. Capacities off our off-grid solar powered studio include:

  • CNC lathe work, CNC routing, plasma cutting, patternmaking for casting and and TIG and MIG welding
  • Additive manufacturing including parametric modelling, 3D scanning and small scale 3D printing
  • Mosaics, timber work and the incorporation of kinetics, electronics, robotics and custom lighting

art+design has a strong interest in sustainable solutions including the use of reclaimed timbers, low-energy lighting, alternative energy and supporting local manufacturers. Our off-grid, solar powered studio is located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

We are also experienced in the safe and efficient installation of works ranging in size from pedestrian scale to monumental and have relationships with contractors including crane truck operators, concreters and electricians.